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The Road to Our New Office: Fostering Collaboration and A Manifestation of Company Culture

Devoteam, a premium IT consulting company, has announced that it will move to a new office in Belgium, marking a significant milestone in its growth trajectory.

The new office will feature a range of amenities designed to promote collaboration and productivity, including open workspaces, breakout rooms, and teamwork areas. The space has been designed to reflect Devoteam’s culture and values, focusing on openness, transparency, and inclusivity.

Benny Moonen

The new office will bring different teams together and stimulate collaboration, enabling Devoteam to continue delivering innovative solutions to its clients.

Devoteam’s move to the new office in Belgium highlights the company’s focus on cross-collaboration and working across technology domains. As a premium IT consultancy company, Devoteam’s teams must work closely together to deliver maximum customer value.

Connect with Amazing People

The new office will be a hub where colleagues feel welcome, can connect, and be inspired by amazing people. Devoteam attaches great importance to organizing team-building events, knowledge-sharing sessions with external speakers, and other activities that empower employees to learn and grow. The new office will enable all these activities, as it is designed to maximize productivity and collaboration while reflecting Devoteam’s culture and values.

Devoteam embraces the hybrid working model and sees the advantages of connecting with colleagues remotely and in person. The new office will facilitate this by providing state-of-the-art teleconferencing technology and ample space where colleagues can meet to brainstorm, work, or focus on projects together.

The new office will unite our teams and create an environment where collaboration and innovation can thrive. It will be a workplace where our employees can be their best selves.

The new office will also enable Devoteam to work more effectively in an international context, as the company often collaborates with teams in other countries to create economies of scale. With the new office, Devoteam will be better equipped to meet the evolving needs of its clients and partners and drive growth across its core markets.

Thrive with Supportive Management

The new office also reflects Devoteam’s culture and open-door policy of management. The company’s leadership team has designed the new office to foster collaboration and create a space where employees can thrive and grow.

Our management needs to lead by example. An open-door policy with management is important so employees feel comfortable communicating and collaborating with the leadership team. The new office will reflect this by providing a space where everyone feels welcome and empowered to contribute.

Devoteam’s new office in Belgium is more than just a physical space. It reflects the company’s values and commitment to fostering a collaborative, innovative, and inclusive work environment. With the new office, Devoteam is well-positioned to take its business to the next level and continue its journey of growth and success.