Service without limits: ServiceNow’s GenAI revolution

You might be thinking, “Great, another empty talk about GenAI… Can someone finally show some actual examples?” Well, that’s exactly what we tried to do in our latest eBook.

We’ve taken a moment to showcase how GenAI can accelerate incident resolution, automate change management, personalise user experiences, and even implement proactive problem management, all within your ServiceNow instance. And these are just a few of its capabilities! You’ll also see how it revolutionises knowledge management, making information readily available to everyone.

Maybe they’re just examples, but together we can turn them into reality. Together, we can boost your IT operations and achieve better results with less effort.

An ocean of GenAI-powered possibilities await you, including:

  • Knowledge on-demand – GenAI personalises the knowledge experience, tailoring information to the specific needs of each user. Imagine self-service portals that intelligently suggest relevant articles based on a user’s search query or past interactions.
  • Early detection and prevention – GenAI automates the identification of potential issues by continuously monitoring system performance, user activity, and other key metrics.
  • Tailoring the service experience – GenAI allows you to personalise user experiences by leveraging its intelligent capabilities, such as unveiling user preferences, predictive insights & adaptive communication.
  • AI-powered incident identification – GenAI leverages AI to swiftly identify and categorise incidents based on historical data and real-time analysis. ServiceNow Issue Auto Resolution identifies and categorises incidents using Machine Learning and AI.

So, are you ready to be amazed?