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Business Agility Transformation

Drive change by becoming value-driven.

The pandemic turned our world around. Plans and strategies suddenly became redundant, but also your competitors, changes in customer needs and the environment we live in shifted your way of doing business from one day to another. Instead of pretending we can predict what will happen tomorrow, we need to embrace change and even enable our companies to thrive on it.

With a relentless focus on delivering more value faster, a pragmatic approach to technology and frameworks alongside a dedication to a growth mindset, Devoteam supports you in creating business agility. Whether you are moving to the cloud, uncovering new value streams, setting up your first agile team, looking into a DevOps way of working or are already scaling agile like a pro – Devoteam is your mentor, coach or facilitator in this journey.

What’s more, our training on various levels and topics helps you to build expertise inside your organization. We offer training, workshops and support study groups to prepare you to thrive in a lean and agile environment and to help you prepare for certifications in Scaled Agile, Scrum, Kanban and other roles that are needed to support your move towards a value driven organization.

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What we do. We support your journey in becoming fully agile

Having a clear focus on your desired outcome and the means to measure your improvement will support motivation, a shared purpose and buy-in from all stakeholders. Before we assist you in establishing true business agility, we assess the current state of your organization. We collaborate with our specialized technology teams to make sure all aspects are covered. We provide a pragmatic, hands-on approach considering the reality of an existing organization. Our knowledge and experience in various Agile and Scaled Agile frameworks allows us to create a tailor-made approach for your journey.

Flexibility & speed

Do you want to thrive in a complex and fast changing environment, delivering more value, faster? Organizational agility competences are key. By using evidence-based management and value stream mapping, we visualize your current flows, identify improvement points and offer tangible, measurable metrics for growth.

Customer-centric value creation

Are you creating the right solutions for the right customers at the right time? With Agile Product Delivery tactics, we help you figure out the fine balance between execution focus and customer focus.

High performance teams

When your team is aligned with your organization, you allow them to focus on technical excellence. Our goal for your company? Empower them to embrace the agile principles. How? Through continuous integration, continuous delivery, test driven development and extreme programming.

Leading with an agile mindset

The role of leadership in an innovative, complex environment is critical. We support you in building a trusted and safe environment and show you how to support people in realizing their goals and in inspiring them to learn and grow.

Continuous value delivery

Being able to adapt to change is one thing, but creating a continuous flow of value to customers in an ever-changing environment is challenging. We help you to unfold Lean Portfolio Management practices that deliver sustainable, customer-centric value.

Enterprise agility

Creating and building large enterprise solutions requires lots of time and effort. We assist you in applying agile principles and to develop Enterprise Solution Delivery competencies to the development, deployment and operation of your lean systems.

Learning & growth mindset

Do you want to keep up with new market trends, technology and tooling? With Continuous Learning Culture competencies, we support your transformation to become a learning organization which keeps up with market trends, technology and tooling.

Devoteam adds value through:

being curious

With a detailed analysis, we explore what your ideal organization should look like. A pragmatic, commonsense approach, tailored to your organization, is our go-to.

an agile mindset

We coach you and your teams in building a culture in which people take ownership, collaborate to deliver more value and feel energized.


Increase adoption and ROI by supporting your business goals with technological opportunities – and vice versa. We mentor you in building that alignment, opening up communication and designing the organizational structure.

doing it with you

People and teams who collaborate efficiently in a trusted, focused and highly energetic environment will deliver more value, faster. To build sustainable organizational agility, we support you in mastering (scaled) agile frameworks.

Our partners. We are technology agnostic

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All set to start driving sustainable organizational agility? Devoteam can deliver profiles such as Scaled Agile Consultants, DevOps specialists, Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Agile Coaches to support your teams. We work with you to  discover what your organization need  and help you build the foundation for your change.

Our expert.

Ashish Sarin

Practice Manager Business Agility Transformation

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