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Privileged Access Management with CyberArk

The transformation of securing your most critical assets.

Your privileged accounts like domain admin accounts, root accounts, superuser accounts and more, are hackers’ favorite targets. You don’t want cybercriminals to gain access and allow them to act like a trusted user.

A solution that can cover the full scope is needed, from non-human and human privileged credentials (which generate a large attack surface) to on-premises, cloud or hybrid. If there’s no single pane of view the risk emerges that islands of security arise, in which every department implements its own solution to keep Privileged Access Management (PAM) under control. This often creates a conflict of interest, resulting in the ‘Segregation of Duty’ not being guaranteed.

Devoteam can help you to create a standardized and powerful PAM solution with CyberArk. It’s a holistic approach upon which every operations unit can orientate and organise itself. What’s more, we guide organizations in setting up an operations team and train your people. Above that, we make sure the agility and flexibility of your organization is maintained.

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The 4 fundamentals of a successful PAM implementation

We don’t only ensure a fruitful PAM integration. We also safeguard the adoption within your organization.

1. Strategy

One doesn’t start a PAM integration without a clear vision and strategy to obtain strategic goals. Together we define your business drivers, set up strategic goals, develop a roadmap and talk about the mobilization and budget. The key is to get everyone on board.

2. Steering

We mandate a governance-body to support the service implementation and assure compliance & quality. It’s of importance to have clear roles and responsibilities. Who do I choose to make sure that what is needed will be achieved?

3. Implementation

Our service follows design standards & principles, with a focus on optimized target integration. We implement PAM and everything a business needs to get started, from documenting to transferring all knowledge to your teams.

4. Support

Through standardization and well-defined guidelines, we provide user & operational service support. Not only is our team always close, on-site availability and on the job coaching & training are also ensured to guarantee knowledge and experience.

Our partnership with CyberArk

Devoteam is the biggest certified advanced CyberArk partner in Belgium. It’s CyberArk’s core business to ensure full coverage and remain up to date with the latest technologies to fully protect customers’ environments. We implement a single pane of glass solution for all types of technologies wherever these exist (on-premises, cloud, hybrid). But the security governance part is much bigger than the tool implementation. The agile implementation of CyberArk saves a lot of time. It’s crucial to create awareness and trust user involvement. Step in low and grow progressively in applying more security controls.

Trust us, we’ve done it before.

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